Critic in Residence 2019

A three-week residency will be given to an aspiring author following the aim to introduce him/her to the Viennese art scene.

Residency Period
May 27 – June 16, 2019

Application Process
March 02 – March 20, 2019

March 20, 2019, 5 pm

About us
studio das weisse haus is a residence and studio program for local and international artists, curators/theorists and journalists. It was founded in 2013 by Alexandra Grausam, and focuses its activities on the production process and its conditions. Precisely because art journalism and criticism are one of the key features in the development of contemporary art, studio das weisse haus offers a residency program for international art journalists and critics to support their activities. By means of this program, we aim to strengthen an international exchange of critical thoughts and experiences from diverse national and regional art scenes.

About the program
Since 2014, studio das weisse haus offers residencies for international authors following the aim to introduce them to the Viennese art scene. Our offer includes the following services:

  • a rent-free accommodation (studio with bathroom and kitchenette)
  • a rent-free working space in a shared studio
  • a one-time contribution to travel expenses up to 200 euros for traveling within Europe.
  • an allowance of 300 euros to cover basic living costs.
  • studio visits and networking opportunities.
  • The possibility to organize a public discussion within the monthly series Wednesday with… on May 29 at 7 pm
  • the possibility to discuss a recently written article within the framework of Verein K ‘s ongoing program Crit Cross. A Forum on Art Criticism in June 2019.

Verein K is an independent organization with a focus on projects that critically engage with contemporary art and culture based in Vienna. It was founded in January 2018 by Jelena Kaludjerović, Dejan Kaludjerović, and Klaus Speidel who share a belief in critical discourse and the aim of making contemporary art and criticism more inclusive while maintaining high quality standards. Crit Cross. A Forum on Art Criticism is one of the formats developed and organized by Verein K. It is an open discussion group of current writing about art with the aim to create a platform for the sustainable promotion of art- and sociocritical dialogue, as well as art-related topics in Vienna.

Application Guidelines
This Call for Proposals is solely addressed to international authors with excellent German and/or English skills. Applicants may work as authors and journalists or as curators and theorists with a focus on contemporary art.

In case of interest, we kindly ask to send the following documents as a PDF latest by March 20, 2019 until 5 pm to

  • The fully completed application form including contact information and a short letter of motivation.
  • A professional CV.
  • Two writing samples in German or English of already existing texts (theme text or exhibition review from the years 2017/2018) with a maximum length of 5.000 characters incl. blanks

Final Decision
All submissions received by March 20, 2019 that meet the aforementioned criteria will be reviewed by a board of experts. The essential criteria for the evaluation of the writing samples are a clear style, as well as a good reasoning and a critical examination of the topic.
The decision will be announced asap and all applicants will be informed personally about the results.

This years’ jury members are
Klaus Speidel, Co-founder Verein K
Katja Stecher, Project manager studio das weisse haus
Alexandra-Maria Toth, Journalist Collectors Agenda (to be confirmed)